Whether you work with ferrous alloys (cast iron, stainless steel, surgical steel, ...) or non-ferrous alloys (copper, bronze, brass, palladium, platinum, titanium, tin, zinc ... but also magnesium or molybdenum used in petrochemicals, pressure vessels, electronics, armaments, aerospace, ...), it's important for you to maximize energy efficiency, reduce heat losses and improve the safety of your operators.

From the Coking Plant to Billets

PBI is active in the majority of departments (Coking Plant, Blast Furnaces, Refining Converters, Heat Treatment, etc.) with value-added solutions for protection, insulation or sealing which allow the optimisation of processes and usage values.

The objective is to maintain the optimum temperature during the critical production and processing phases in order to optimise production means, limit energy losses and protect operators and their means of production.







Originally, we worked for the perfect sealing of doors subject to strong constraints and requiring too-frequent maintenance interventions. Then, following the satisfaction of our customers and their requests, we extended our developments to the various most critical points of the process.

We have therefore developed solutions for insulation/sealing/protection with a high use value allowing us to optimise the means of production, limit energy losses and protect operators and the environment.


Sealing of doors

  • Door lifespan multiplied by up to 20 times (*)
    • refractory life multiplied
    • sharp reduction in door deformation
  • Maximum limitation of harmful leaks (SO2, NOx, C6H6, HAP, etc.)

(*Site of 159 cells for a coke production of 950,000 T/year)


The Membrane-Nefex®-Seal sealing KIT for coking plant doors has been specially developed to solve recurring problems in this application such as energy & gas leaks, door deformation, refractories changed regularly, coke quality, overly frequent maintenance.

  • Nefatex® 1390 membrane:
    • Set up in less than 7 minutes for 6 blocks
    • Delivered pre-drilled according to your template
    • No fibre dispersion
    • Perfect seal between the door and the refractory blocks
    • Prevents deformation of doors thanks to its insulation
    • Excellent mechanical strength
  • High-temperature Nefex® seals used between the refractory blocks which, by expansion, fill the entire space between the refractory blocks:
    • Set up in less than 10 minutes for 6 blocks
    • Excellent sealing between the blocks as soon as the temperature rises
    • Prevents coke from penetrating between blocks and damaging them
    • Seals increasing the life of the blocks
  • TecHeat® gasket used on the oven door or wall to ensure a perfect seal (avoid gas & energy leaks). The seal is designed for optimum compressibility/recovery.
    • Excellent sealing
    • Resistant to extreme temperatures/radiation, flames, projection and abrasion
    • Supplied to length
    • Fibre dispersion limitation
    • Ceramic-free Solution
    • Quick & easy to set up

Each element of the KIT is available separately.

End of assembly with gasket packing


Standpipe sealing

Sealing maintenance reduced by 20% (*)

Maximal reduction of noxious fumes emissions

(*Production site of 108 cells)

• Heat resistance up to 800°C
• Strengthen gaskets to resist to abrasion due to dilatation movements
• Multiple diameters to adapt the seal according to the intensity of the axial movements
• Gasket available in rolls or already shaped accordingly to the diameter if your standpipes
• Easy installation, diminished labor time








Example of a standpipe with 4 application zones


Sealing/Protection of telescopes

>40% annual savings on the "telescope membrane station" (*)

  • Lifespan of 180 to 240 days
  • Less maintenance needed

(*57 cells with 2 loaders of 4 telescopes for a coke production of 850,000 T/year)

  • NEFATEX® base for resistance up to 1390°C
  • Ease of implementation
  • Excellent resistance to flames, movements and vibrations
  • Preserves flexibility and bendability

Cable/hose protection/insulation

>20% annual savings on the “flexible item” (*)

  • Hose purchases divided by 2
  • Total protection in case of fire
  • Reduces downtime and the number of maintenances

(*Site of 585 cells, 13 loaders of 3 Telescopes, for a coke production of 3,600,000 T/year)

The TecHeat® range of protective sheaths has been developed to protect cables/hoses undergoing the most drastic constraints in the processes and to avoid certain accidents causing production shutdown.

  • Holds up to 1200°C
  • Excellent resistance to flames, movements, abrasions and vibrations
  • Preserves the flexibility and bendability of your original hoses
  • Ease and speed of implementation
  • Exceptional lifespan
















TecHeat® tubing condition after 50 months of use.

Zoom Cable Protection


Other coking plant applications

At the heart of the process


Back-up ladle / crucible / furnace insulations

Your jobs are different, your processes are different, your experiences are different, your constraints are different... but your requirements are mostly the same:

  • That the temperature is the lowest on the cold face
  • That the insulation is constant throughout the life of your refractories
  • That the lifespan of your refractories is increased
  • That you are self-sufficient with an easy cutting and installation back-up
  • That the temperature is the lowest on the cold face

Cold face temperature reduction >10% (340°C to 305°C with Nefalit® 11) (*)
(*production site 2.5 million T/year, 350 T ladle, Steel 1650°C, 1,000 castings/year, Nefalit® 11 th. 12 mm back-up of refractories th. 280 mm)

Due to their density and thermal conductivity coefficient (K = 0.12 W/m°C at 400°C), our Nefalit® formulations are specially designed to meet a set of technical parameters (high temperature, density, conductivity, resistance, compression...) which solve your problems (reduction of high heat loss and temperature on the cold face, protection of the ladle/crucible/furnace wall, etc.)











  • That the insulation is constant throughout the life of your refractories

Cold face temperature threshold (260°C max) respected throughout the process (*)
(*production site 3 million T/year, 120 T ladle, Steel 1650°C, 1,100 castings/year, Nefalit® 16 th. 10 mm back-up of refractories th. 290 mm, maximum authorised temperature limit 260°C cold face).

Today, only the replacement of refractories is the limit to our Nefalit® solutions' lifespan (provided that the other refractories do not have any "defects").

  • That the lifespan of your refractories is increased

Lifespan of refractories increased by 10% (*)
(*production site 2.5 million T/year, 350 T ladle, Steel 1650°C, 1.000 castings/year, Nefalit® 11 th. 12 mm back-up of refractories th. 280 mm)

NEFALIT® MILLBOARDS solutions are refractory insulators based on mineral/bio-soluble fibres resistant to high temperatures from 750 to 1200°C & mechanical stresses.
Protect against thermal bridges; prevent hot air from infiltrating behind the bricks after a certain number of castings and severely damaging them. The Nefalit® will very strongly limit this infiltration.

Up to 1200°C: very efficient in radiant heat & able to withstand high temperatures under high compression loads.
Density 1.000 Kg/m3: which allows a higher thermal capacity compared to existing products on the market
Resistant to hot compression less than 10%
Thermal conductivity adapted to the application and giving significant results: 0.16 to 0.21 for temperatures of 600 to 1000°C.








  • That you are self-sufficient with an easy cutting and installation back-up

Quick set-up: 4h (3 mn/m²) / 350 T ladle (*)
(*production site 2.5 million T/year, 350 T ladle, 80 m² of Nefalit® 11 th. 12 mm back-up of refractories)

Our Nefalit® millboard are easily cut with a cutter and are specially designed to easily follow the curves of your installations after a light humidification.


The VD/VOD & Ingot making processes require perfect evacuation of the treatment ladle and absolute tightness which absolutely meets the various constraints in the application; this is why PBI has developed a wide range of TecHeat® Seal VD/VOD Solutions and NEFALIT® Seals with optimal use values.


VD/VOD furnace cover sealing

  • Financial gain >20%
  • Service life multiplied by 3 with 4,000 charges over a period of 240 days (*)

(*production site of +/-1,000,000 T/year, 2 furnaces of 200 and 300 T)

As these processes require perfect vacuuming of the next step of treatment in order to produce special and very high-quality steels, PBI has developed a range of TecHeat® Seal VD/VODs ensuring a seal which perfectly meets your expectations and the various constraints of the application. These are made-to-measure seals with high wear values.

  • Excellent sealing
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures/radiation, flames, projection and abrasion
  • Supplied to length
  • No fibre dispersion
  • Quick and easy to set up

NEFALIT® millboard casting sealing

  • Financial gain +/- 20% (*)
  • Guaranteed tightness (no loss of energy or steel leakage)
  • Ceramic-free Gaskets

(*production site of 110,000 T/year, 12,000 seals/year based on 4 seals/barrel)

As the sealing between the ingotmaking and the mould is one of the priorities of this process to avoid negative impacts on the quality of the steel, risk of accident, loss of energy, PBI has developed seals with optimal use value.

  • Ready-to-use NEFALIT® cutout
  • Easy and simple to set up
  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 1200°C
  • Gaskets based on mineral or bio-soluble fibres

Other Continuous Casting / Ingot Casting Applications

  • Sealing of tundish

  • Sealing of dummy bars

  • Argon sealing of ingot moulds

  • Thermocouple protection

  • Protection curtains



Always at your service, PBI has been able to develop solutions with added value and precisely meet your expectations for the various treatment furnace processes.

Our range of Door stoppers, PIT mats, TecHeat® bell furnace ensure a perfect seal, a significant energy saving and allow us to optimize the processes and the values of use.


Sealing/insulation of furnace door

  • Service life multiplied by 4 compared to traditional refractories (*)
  • Easy-to-handle solution: 4 times lighter than concrete plugs (around 8 kg vs 32 kg)
  • Perfect sealing thanks to custom production

(*Passage furnace, temperature 1200°C, 24 inspection hatches)

PBI has developed a range of tailor-made Door Stopper sealings as an alternative to existing solutions (concrete/bricks, etc.). Easy to handle (reduced weight), they ensure a perfect seal and improved durability.

  • Excellent sealing
  • Easy Handling and Installation
  • Solutions up to 1390°C
  • Excellent resistance to radiation
  • No fibre emission

PIT furnace sealing

  • Energy savings >15% per year (*)
  • Improved sealing
  • Service life multiplied by 20
  • Less knife deformation

(* 12 ovens of 80 T)

PBI has developed a Range of Sealing Mattresses with optimal use value to limit the following as much as possible:

·         Gas consumption in furnaces

·         The presence of calamine on the ingots (cause: parasitic air inlet)

·         Deformation of the cover (knives)

o    Excellent sealing

o    Prevents deformation of the cover knives

o    Resistant to very high temperatures (1390°C), to projections and to abrasion

o    Supplied as a ready-to-install kit

o    No fibre dispersion

o    Quick and easy to set up


Bell furnace sealing

  • Service life multiplied by 25 compared to usual fibrous (*)
  • Energy gain >20%
  • Avoids the dispersion of dust (fibres, sand, etc.)

(*production site of +/- 1,000,000 T/year, 30 furnaces)


PBI has developed a range of TecHeat® bell furnaces (bell furnace process under controlled atmosphere) in order to obtain an absolute seal between the table and the bell for an optimal and homogeneous treatment of the coils, to limit the deformation of the bell, the energy consumption and increase the life of the seal.

  • Excellent sealing
  • Reduced maintenance
  • High temperature resistance (1000 to 1200°C)
  • Resistance to mechanical & chemical stress
  • Ceramic-free
  • Supplied ready to use
  • Quick and easy setup (<30 minutes)

Sealing furnace rollers

  • Expanding sleeve to take the usual offsets of the rollers
  • Sealing of rocket passages in roller heat treatment furnaces
  • Lifespan >3 years (*)
  • Significant economic gains (maintenance, energy, refractories, etc.)

(*36 and 48 roll furnaces)

PBI has developed an expanded solution ensuring the perfect sealing of the rocket passages of the rollers to protect the integrity of the external drive system of the rollers (motors, gears, etc.).

  • Reduced risk of burns to personnel
  • Quick and easy installation (kit + assembly instructions)
  • Resistant to high temperatures (up to 1390°C) and abrasions
  • Ceramic-free and no fibre dispersion
  • Reduced maintenance

Other heat treatment applications

  • PIT oven transport clamp protection

  • Bell furnace insulating spacer

  • Cooling mattresses

  • Protection curtains

  • ...

Other solutions for


  • Wagon wheel injection mould sealing
  • Sealing of centrifuge moulds
  • Die-stamping press insulation
  • Furnace control valve
  • Welding mats
  • Relaxation mats
  • Lubricating die-forging mats
  • Wire drawing wiper braid
  • ...


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