High temperature gaskets and millboards

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High temperature Millboards and Gaskets

Our millboards are obtained through a paper mill process combining different sorts of mineral fibres with fillers.

With the largest existing range of high temperature millboards UP TO 1500°C we should have your solution. If we do not, we can quickly develop specific formulas to meet your requirements.

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General applications:
  • High temperature insulation
  • Sealing of low pressure hot gases
  • Sealing of molten metal
  • Furnace insulation
  • Thermal screens and fireguards
  • Furnace roll covering
  • Electric insulation

Main references: 

Millboards (thickness : 2 to 12mm)

NEFALIT 5 For all general uses, up to 750°C, which do not require very high temperature insulation
NEFALIT 7 BIO Excellent high temperature insulation with good wear resistance
BIOCAL Special bio product for boiler gaskets
NEFALIT BIO 1200°C ceramic-free millboard
NEFALIT 16 High temperature product with very good wear properties. Excellent in centrifugal casting
NEFALIT Antidamp Given special waterproof treatment
NEFAGRAPH Millboard + 2 graphite sides

 Millboards can be cut out of flat gaskets, on request, at our site.

Paper (thickness : 0,6 to 1,5mm, rolls of 100X1m)

NEFALIT BIO paper Very thin and flexible


Furnace rolls

 PBI produces a large range of millboards (die-cut rings) specifically for furnace rolls claddings for steel and flat glass annealing processes.

NEFACIER 1500 Millboard based on ceramic fibres with low content of non-fibrous ceramic particles
NEFACIER 1500 HF High performance ceramic millboard
NEFACIER CF Millboard based on ceramic fibres
NEFACIER RS Shot free millboard
NEFACIER RSG Shot free millboard
NEFACIER F1 Millboard based on high quality high temperature fibres
NEFACIER GOLD Shot free millboard


Millboard workshop

Millboard manufacturer

Standard format:
1000 x 1000 mm
2 to 12 mm
On demand:
specific formats, gaskets, treatment, etc.

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