Aluminium : PBI custom-made solutions


Acting in most of the departments (Cathode, ABF, Reduction, Casting, Maintenance, Electrical… ) with technical added valuable solutions,

PBI has developed numerous custom-made solutions Protecting, Insulating and Sealing solutions.

Preserving optimal temperature during critical phases of production and transformation in order to save energy, our goal is to secure both workers and equipment.

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Flexible launder gasket

Flexible launder gasket; nappy

  • Tailor made on sizes
  • Flexible up & down gasket
  • Non wetting high temperature resistant layers
  • Withstanding casting temperature
  • Long proven lifetime
  • Ceramic or Bio alternatives
  • Several options upon requests (coating, bending spring, leakage detection…)


Metal/bath crucible lid/spout seal

Cruicible lid joint

  • High compressibility
  • Excellent shape retention improving sealing
  • Easy fastening
  • Thermal and abrasive resistant
  • No section size loss
  • BIO soluble
  • No wetting coating
  • Long proven lifetime

Siphon gaskets

High temperature sealing gasket

  • cut on size upon drawing
  • compressible and light
  • low thermal inertia
  • Several options upon requests (coating, hermetically packed, full maintenance set box …)
Here are some examples.
Your solution/product will be precisely determined according to the temperature and constraints of your application.

Other applications:

  • Cathode welding sealing braid
  • Made to measure protection curtains
  • TAR & Gas exhaust compensators
  • ABF light flue end baffle
  • ABF burner caps sealing ring & insulation top
  • ABF ring main cover “donut” sealing
  • Electrolysis potcell door back up
  • Electrolysis supply hopper curtain
  • Ladle removable top and insulation back up
  • Paste box & ramming insulation mattress
  • Cable & flexible High temp. and Abrasive protection
  • Electrical & Thermal Insulation & Protection
  • Casting light & removable launder cover